Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Semester

Haha well the husband I don't think is supposed to do the blogging but Candice is super busy with classes and taking care of me so this is the least I can do for her. Anyways, school is going pretty good pretty easy for me my classes are not too bad, but Candice is taking Spanish 1, Anatomy and Physiology, Stats, and a Sociology class that are kind of kicking her trash. But don't worry she is very strong and motivated and she is getting through it all. I just went to Vegas for a body building convention and it was pretty sweet. I got a ton of supplements to help me build some muscle and lose some fat. And to be quite honest, Vegas is OVERRATED!! At least during the day it wasn't very cool at all. Candice's brother in law's mother died on Friday from lung cancer so it is pretty emotional right now. I actually went with him to the convention and so its been pretty hard. We need to keep them in our prayers. Conference is going on right now and it is pretty dang good. I thought it was funny that when President Monson announced a temple in Rome, Italy everyone was like "Ahhhh" and "Ohhhh" it made me smile. Oh also last night we went to the temple with Benj Mandi and Benjs' dad and we were able to do some sealings. That was pretty cool, it reminded me of when Meah was sealed to our family. That is as far back I think that I can remember, and I think its a pretty good memory to start at. I couldn't have been more than one year old. But anyways, we did those sealings and then their family came to our apartment and we ate some taco soup (it was so good) and we played DDR (dance dance revolution). It was pretty funny watching Taylor and Mandi dance against eachother. If you have ever seen anyone who has never done it before then you know what I am talking about. Well that is about it for now I think peace out


The Perry's said...

We are glad you fin-hall-ey updated your bloggy. Today in conference they said to post a little note on a blog so that is what we are doing. Tee hee, jk we would have posted a comment anyways.
That sounds like fun playing DDR with Mandi, Benj and the kids. We would have loved to see that. If Jace would have been playing against Mandi we would have all been laughing so hard our faces would hurt. Love ya guys.

Andrew and Shandee said...

I am so proud that you updated your blog. I love you and thanks so much for that dinner the other day.