Friday, October 24, 2008


Hey everyone...School is going great and this is also a cool thing...I just got a job in St. Anthony working as a speech and language therapists!  It is pretty exciting cuz now we actually have an income...I work Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 until 3:00 so its pretty sweet.  I also got a job grading papers for a stats class which gives me like around 13 hours a week for both jobs...So we are excited to kind of leave poverty for a little bit, at least we will have money for groceries...Candice is doing really well in her classes, she got an 84 or something on her anat and phys test and she could have gotten a 96 but there were a couple mistakes...She is hating her spanish class right now she wants to drop out but I won't let her...Thats about it for now...So peace out 


Andrew and Shandee said...

Congrats on getting those two jobs. That is awesome! We really do know how you feel though. We hardly earn anything and living on beans. Ha ha j/k about the beans but we really do know how ya feel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trae, I hadn't heard about the other job correcting papers. I am so very excited for you and glad Candice did so well on her test. She sure does work hard at school. Loved the pictures from my visit. That was a lot of fun. LOVE, mom

Anonymous said...

Oh man Candice I hate Spanish too! I almost did quit. I'm so glad it's over!