Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fall Semester Results

Hello there, we are currently hanging out in Oregon and we actually went up snowboarding today at Anthony Lakes Ski Resort, and that was pretty fun, it was me, Candice, Keaton, Joel and my dad.  It was really cold at first, but then once we started then it warmed up and we had a really good time.  Candice also got to use her new snowboard and it looked so sick.  It was fun and she even went off a couple of jumps.  Anyways, we are pretty happy that the semester is over and now we are just waiting for the 2nd semester to start.  Something that is pretty cool is that we both ended up getting really good grades.  I guess marriage really does help for some people in college.  Candice got a 3.8 and I got a 3.6 and I am so proud of Candice.  She really worked hard and it paid off for her in the end and she pushed me as well.  We had an early Christmas and opened up some of our presents before we came to Oregon and Candice definitely spoiled me with lots of goodies, and it was very exciting to be having our first Christmas together, I loved it.  Anyways, another great blessing that we received is that I got a $5,000 scholarship from Carpet One Floor and Home.  It will pay for this upcoming winter semester and for some of my semester when we transfer to ISU in the fall.  It really was a blessing.  Well I guess peace out til next time.  

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AubsandKenny said...

Snowboarding, FUN! We are going out tomorrow...yeah!