Friday, January 23, 2009

We went snowboarding to Targhee one big happy group! Jason and Trae were riding pretty hard core through the trees, backcountry style, so Rachael and I just took it easy. It was pretty icy until about noon. We found a little kicker and did some jumps off of that. Trae and Jason did back-flips, Rachael and I just try to jump (We are babies I know). We also went with another couple and the guy, got two concussions and had to be life-flighted to Idaho Falls. He is okay now but I 'm just glad we were all okay. All in all, it was fun but expensive, $69 for a day pass! Oh well, that is probably the last time we will go to Targhee for a few years. Any-who...when we got back we ordered Pizza Hut and called it a night. We were all exhausted. Fun trip though.

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The Perry's said...

Hey losers, we updated with photos from Jace's par-tay! BTW we still missed you and I still need one very good lasagna recipe. Ya know what I mean?