Monday, June 1, 2009

Way back when...

This is a magnet board that Candice made for our little baby boy, she doesn't know if she likes it though she keeps changing her mind about it.  Girls are funny.

Hi everyone.  I have not written on the blog for quite some time now, so I thought that I would update it so everyone can know how cool we are and the cool things that we do.  Well lets see let me start back from memorial day weekend.  We went to Lava HotSprings and camped up there with some friends which was very fun, the only sucky part was that it rained a little bit and got us all wet.  But it was still fun, we ate some junk food, and me and Robbie went fishing with our made up fishing poles and string.  We actually ended up catching two fish and one was like 12 inches, the other one was only like 8.  It was fun we wanted to fish the whole day but the girls were getting grumpy and wanted to leave us to go to the hot springs and the pool!  How rude!  The pool was pretty cool and the hot springs felt great, and everyone got sun burnt except me!  Ha I am just special I guess.
My parents came down to help Justin and Summer move from La Grande and they came and visited us and Mandi and Benj, it was fun there is a water park at Porter Park and so the kids came and played in that for a little bit, we went and fed some ducks too.  It was fun to get and see them and they are getting huge.  But not as big as Mandi and Candice! Ha just joking pregnant ladies.  We also had a BBQ with our friends to watch the Nuggets-Lakers game which turned out to be terrible, but Candice and I made our very first fruit pizza together and it was sicky good.  I want to make another one soon.  Well that is all for now, peace out brethren and sisters.  

.  Anyways that weekend was very fun, and during the week, Jason graduated which Candice got to go to and from the pictures it looked like a very fun time so we are excited for Jason to be graduated and for him to get out of Shelley in a little while.  


Sharrard Family said...

Is your dad on the carrousel at Porter Park? I didn't know they still opened it! I'm going to have to go over there and let Siera play! :)

Durgin Family said...

You suck, you can catch fish with sticks and string and I can't even catch a fish with real equipment! Candice, you look awesome! We miss you guys!