Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just preparing for Kyler. Dad and Chris gave us a ton of corn so I froze about half of it in 5, 1 qt freezer bags. Also under the frozen corn is frozen beef stew. I also made a lasagna and froze half.
Here I am cutting all the kernels off the cob.
Huskin the corn.
Made two loaves of banana bread, froze one. Also, froze one loaf of zuchinni bread and one pizza crust.
Here Trae and I are holding our friends new little baby boy Kaiden Romriell. He is only 6 lbs. Such a good baby!
Here we are at Spud Day watching the parade and saving a table for free spuds.

Ah, I love my brother's and sisters! (But where is Rachael?)
Wendy with the cutest little girl in the world, Brielle!
And of course, me at 9 1/2 months. Not as happy as in the other pictures.... I'm just ready to be done. While your looking at our blog, you should scroll to the top and vote on the poll when Kyler will be due. Over half were wrong about the gender, we'll see how many guess right about the time. I'm going to guess.... he'll be born right before his due date.


Jared and Brielle Rucks said...

cant wait to meet the little guy when he gets here!

Jason and Bri Walker said...

It was so fun seeing all of you at spud days! I can't wait to see that little guy!

Matt and Heidi said...

That's great you've beena ble to freeze so much food. matt swears he's going to cook for us, so I guess we'll see, haha! I'm just fingertip dilated and about 50% effaced and have been for weeks now. I totally agree with you about just being done already! It's so frustrating to hear that nothing is going on. Good luck! I hope your little man comes soon!