Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Big Boy

Well I don't write on this thing very much, but that is still probably more than any of the other husbands whose wives write on blogs...Anyways, Candice and I are both in school right now, I go every Tuesday/Thursday and Candice every Monday/Wednesday...Its is working out pretty well right now, but we are worried about next semester because we don't know what class schedules are going to be like...Other than that life is pretty good, except that my intramural basketball team lost in the semifinals last night by like 11 or something like that...We played a team full of football players and you would think that we would win because I am awesome, but they shot for the game like 80% from the floor no joke!  So I was kind of pissed...Oh Candice learned a new talent/hobby to keep her sane while she is home, crocheting I don't know how to spell it but she learned from Zenna! and she learned very fast how to do it.  She already made a hat for me and Kyler and she is making one for herself now as well...Kyler is getting bigger and a lot whinier too!  And his teeth are moving around so he gets really mad and cranky at night and it takes him about an hour to go to sleep...But he is sleeping through the night now so we are very grateful for that!  Oh yeah, Candice is getting a root canal pretty soon, a couple nights ago she was screaming and crying from the pain...Feelings of her in labor came rushing back to me, because I couldn't do anything to help her except watch, and eat some popcorn, and play some PS3...Finally I called a dentist and he got her some drugs that knocked her out for the night...So we are very grateful for dentists...Ok peace out til next time

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Messy Musings. said...

I love the hats - maybe Candice can make me one too (LOL). Kyler is getting to be so big - and he is soooo cute (just like both of his parents).