Sunday, October 17, 2010


 We went to the corn maze for Trae's bday! It was lots of fun, as you can see on Trae's face. :) Trae turned 25 on Oct. 15. He is now half way to 50, haha. What a crazy thought.... Well he got NBA 2011 and a black cowboys hat, oh and he got to go golfing with his buddies. Not too shabby of a b-day, don't cha think?

These two pictures were taken 1 year apart. Look how much little Ky has grown! I can barely believe that jsut a year ago, he was this small, and now he's walking and talking and exploring EVERYTHING!!!

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Durgin Family said...

If we could petition God to change one thing, wouldn't it be slow down the first year of a baby's life? They grow too fast. I keep saying that and it doesn't change anything. =(