Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mail Carrier

Kyler and I walk to get the mail every day. This was last week when the weather was a little bit better. Kyler loves to explore, stop and look at everything. When I say everything, I mean it. He love ants, dogs, cats, birds, his shadow, etc... It tests my patience because I just wanna get home, but it's nice also because he really enjoys the little things in life and I am learning a lot from my son. He's so much fun!

 This is Kyler after the mail. We got Rachael's graduation announcement and after we opened it, Kyler carried it the whole way home and would not let me touch it. lol


Leenie said...

sooo adorable. Po does the same thing...slow walker, but great observer!

Jared and Brielle Rucks said...

i love all the updates! he is turning into such a cute little boy!