Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ok so we moved....

So for those of you who did not know we moved to Reno this summer for Trae to sell pest control. Here are some pics of our 5 star apartment. Come in the door and turn right and continue turning right and this is what you would see. And yes, there is a towel on the floor because insanely enough there is carpet under our kitchen table and our toddler is not spill proof.
 Look closely at our dishwasher. Yep it's so old we have not even used it. I personally do not trust it. I was also in the middle of cooking dinner so yes my kitchen is not clean, and I am making potato soup and rolls if you wanted to know.  That bottle of febreez is almost gone. When we moved in (Sunday) it smelled like smoke. To our disappointment, the previous owner allowed the renters to smoke. Lovely!!! We have been doing everything we can to get rid of the smell. I guess either it has been working or we are getting use to it.
 That thing in the left hand corner is my mothers day present. A pop up goal for soccer!! Thanks honey. lol

Trae insited on brining our tv, and now we have cable. (sigh) hope we don't have too much a withdrawl when we go back to Pocatello with no tv.
 Kyler is trying to hold two soccer balls and one basketball for the picture. lol he's so cute. He is doing great by the way, he acts like we didn't even move. the drive to twin was 2 hours and then to Reno was I don't know... another 8. Either way, it was a LONG trip! Thanks to grandma Margie, we barrowed her portable dvd player and Kyler watched a couple movies. The last hour though, he was even tired of the tv. He had had enough traveling because he would not even watch the screen anymore. lol cant blame him.
 Of course Trae would not leave his baby basketball hoop. Our only decorations are the Jesus calendar and our $5 clock on the living room wall.
 our teeny tiny bathroom. I forgot our bathroom mats so I had to buy more. Shoot, that is what I did not want to do. Oh well, can't live without them for 4 months. I hate stepping out of the shower on cold tile.

 Kyler is on that twin bed, we put the other mattress and frame in the closet. Sorry we were reading books on his bed, that is why its not made. I know, with all this time you'd think i'd be cleaner.
 Kyler can't live without his bubbles and stuffed animals. I brought more than one so that he does not become too attached to one specific one.
 our bedroom. Grandma Lynn Forbush gave us that comforter for our wedding present. It has palm trees on it. Love it! Bottom right of pic, is a tote of all of our sports stuff we can't live without.
 Huge closet space, we only need about 1/2 but i guess thats nice anyway
 We've gotta watch friends to go to bed. It's tradition.
 Well thats it i guess. We keep everything off the floor because of hobos. Oh ya! (PS There ya go Shnoogs)


John and Katie Adams said...

Looks like fun! Our dining room has carpet(we used a roller chair mat from an office haha I think I should have done the towel til we got one thought) and the last tenants smoked too its a bummer leaving ID huh :)Theres this thing called an Ozone machine and you can rent or buy them and it gets rid of the smell as well as viruses and molds and bacteria and cleans the air. We are gonna try that for the smell.

Audrey said...

I LOVE all the pics! This reminds me of the first summer kevin and i were married and sold alarms. Such good times, and memories...haha!

Andrew and Shandee said...

Candice I know I told you this on the phone, but I will write you a post anyway. I am sorry about the apt. It is pretty bad. Oh well. Its only four months, right? Anyways, we miss ya! I love the pics of Kyler's scary face...that looks just like faces you made when you were little.