Sunday, June 5, 2011

What to do with my time

I do not like posting a lot of words on my blog because somehow every time in the middle of it all, half of it ALWAYS gets deleted and I end up retyping what I wrote, just simplified. Anywho...
I don't know what to do with my time in Reno. Here is what my schedule looks like right now

8:00 Insanity workout and Kyler's breakfast
9:00 Protein drink and breakfast
9:30/10:00 Shower or bath (depending on if I need to wash my hair or not)
11:00 Snack and Toys, books, playdough, bubbles, chalk or whatever else
 (or) he watches a little bit of Preschool prep dvds of either shapes, colors, numbers or letters while I clean the apartment and start laundry
12:00-1:30 Kyler naps and I either nap too, or update the blog, make dinner and put it in the fridge, or sew some project
2:00 Lunch
3:00 Its time to get out of the house. By this time, if we've been inside all day we cannot stay inside any longer. At this point we either go bother Rachel, Pax and Paizley or we go grocery shopping, wonder around a store, or go explore more Reno.
6:00 By this time I'm really missing Trae. If Ky and I are hungry, I'll put dinner in the oven, or if we feel like waiting for Trae to get home, we will just eat a snack.
We then either read more books, walk and get the mail or find something else to do until Trae gets home.
8:30 Trae usually is home by this time and we are happy to see him.
9:00 Ky goes to bed (so Trae and Ky usually only get to spend half an hour or so together) :( It makes me sad we don't get to see Trae more.

Mon-cleaning and laundry day
Wed-Play Group
Sun-Home with the family all day!!

Any ideas of what else i can do with my time? I have a hard time because i feel like i should be using my time better but I don't know what to do and I DO NOT like Ky to watch much tv. Its not like I have a lot of waisted hours of nothing to do, because i have a toddler that has about a 2 min attention span. When he does play by himself, it doesn't last long so i don't have time to really do anything without interuption unless he's napping. I really do LOVE staying home with Kyler but I can only stay busy and occupied until 6. What else can I do with my time? Any ideas would help.


Crissa Rae said...

Hey-- at least you've got somewhat of a schedule down! :) I need to work on doing somewhat of a schedule. I know how it is with feeling like you can't do anything besides when they're (Ky) napping. I used to think the same thing. Kiely has gotten better at entertaining herself with random things, and Ky probably will, too. (I don't know what it's like to have a boy, but I'd just assume he'd get better, too.) I also let Kiely help me with things that need done sometimes-- it takes longer, but it's SO worth it! She loves helping me, and I'm hoping this will continue as she gets older as long as I keep letting her help. (I let her help put dishes in the dishwasher/wash by hand if I do that, mop the floor, and sometimes wash the counter.) I also make sure that she's the one who picks up her toys (most of the time...) and have her put her clothes in her drawer. I guess that's mostly the cleaning aspect of things, but he really can help you... not sure if you have him help or not, but it seems to ease life when you know they're helping and learning. We also go to the library sometimes... not sure if you have a library there close by or not, but if you can't check out books, you could just go read to him, and some libraries do activities one day a week, which kids sometimes like to go to... I dunno, I guess there's sort of some ideas! Good luck! We're excited because it's getting warmer, so we can get outside more! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Crissa. I let Isaac help me wash dishes every morning and he loves it! It usually makes him soaking, but oh well. He helps with laundry too, and can bring out his own laundry basket. Sometimes he gets rides in the laundry basket. Isaac loves cooking too, so I let him help me measure and dump things in and stir. He loves playing with pots and pans too. Sometimes if I need to get something done, I get out a bunch of dishes and snacks that he can "cook".