Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kyler finally gets the whole Easter thing now that he's 2

Kyler went to two Easter egg hunts this year. (that's the perks about having divorced grandparents I guess, splitting time between family ) Kyler just woke up so he is a little cranky. Trae is trying to cheer him up by letting him know what's about to go down.

After a couple of minutes kyler perked up and started to go for it

After a bit though he got distracted by the kitty

kyler at Grandma Margie's wearing his cute new Easter outfit and shoes (Trae picked em out)

Not my favorite pic of myself but my boys look good

Kyler like his candy bracelet

All the brother in laws chattin it up

Kyler loves his aunts and uncles. Dan is so good about playing with him!

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Jared and Brielle Rucks said...

kyler is too cute! tell trae im loving his new granny-bun hair do in that first picture, HAHA! my sister just found out she is having a little boy and they are naming him kyler! im pretty sure its because she met and got to hold kyler when he was just first born, and saw how cute he was, and she has loved the name since! do you have a name picked out for this next one? you are getting close to haivng him! AH!