Monday, March 30, 2009

My craftiness isn't so crafty

So here are 8 scrapbook pages that I've made in the last week with my stay-at-home friend Brielle. (I know the picture quality is not the best but I was too lazy to take them out of the plastic covering). I also used my cricut to make a quote out of vinyl. I know that these are not the best but I'm learning as I go. I also posted a picture of my next projects. Shelf from D.I., 4 blocks that will say BABY (blue or pink, don't know yet), and wood block that can hold a picture or recipe or whatever.


n&e.asay said...

hey hun sorry to hear about your stuff getting stolen :( thats not good at all!

as for your craftiness i love the scrapbooking, its way cute!

how far along are you now?

AubsandKenny said...

I love your pages! Way cute! And not enjoying the food, I bet that is one of the worst parts of being pregnant! Sorry about your stuff!

Jared and Brielle Rucks said...

yay for scrapbooking! cute cute pages! bummer about all your stuff, who would do something like that, seriously?!? lets get together and scrapbook more soon!