Monday, March 30, 2009

Ok first and far worst, our boards were stolen!!!! Mine is the white burton on the left with lots of bright colors and weird pictures on the bottom, and Trae's is the middle right one, also Burton but blue with stickers on it. It has Candice Forbush written on it inbetween the bindings. Yeah, this happened while we were in Utah at the Jazz Game Saturday. My mom had her cannon camera stolen, hp laptop, about 20 dvd's, 2 playstation 2's and more....To say the least, we are pretty ticked.

Here we are at the Jazz Game. It went into overtime and Jazz barely won. The score was like 101 to 99 or something. It was intense the last little bit. Trae was sad the Suns lost, he was cheering for them.

Here we all are at Olive Garden. Food just isn't the same to me, at least everyone else enjoyed their food, except Rachael, she just had her wisdom teeth out.

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Anonymous said...

Dude that freaking sucks!! I'm sorry! How did it happen? Did they break into your car or something? On a lighter note... How's the babymaking coming?! How far along are you now?