Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is from a packet thing that Wendy, (Trae's mom) gave me. It is a blackboard if you couldn't tell. I might change the red, don't know how much I like that yet.
Ok so ignore the hanging thing, I made these blocks from the blocks from our wedding reception decoration I bought this shelf from D. I. for $1.50 and paited it.
This is a magnet board that I made at an enrichment activity to match the BABY blocks I made earlier. I used all those colors because I don't know what we are having yet but we find out May 20th (unless the baby is being modest). I put paper over it and made magnets but it feels so unfinished to me. I want to mount it on wood or something.... we'll see.
This is just a recipes holder. I found a new staple to scrapbooking that I should have found before now, mod podge!
We love being active, although in that picture it looks like I'm a couch potatoe which is partially true. The bigger I get the lazier I get. Anyways... we played tennis and it was so much fun! Trae has a tennis game on play station and I actually learned the rules and how to rotate and stuff because of that game. Huh, I guess nintendo can be educational, who knew?
Lets see... our friends Pete and Heide had their baby girl (Olivia Cathryn Benson) so cute!!!!! I love her hair!
Even our friends loved her! This is Robby feeding her mashed veggies. Yum!
She started to teeth, look how cute, only two little ones. She chewed on her bottle instead of drinking it that little squirt!
We watched our neice Brielle over night so Wendy and Jared could enjoy their purchased night at Destinations. She was so happy, especially in the mornings! But we watched the big basketball game between the Celtics and Bulls and it was a close one so everyone cheered and yelled a lot and it scared her enough to make her cry, I felt so bad!

If this works it will show us all playing Rock Band and Brielle "Bsting" singing her heart out to all the fans. lol it was a pretty fun night.


Allen Family said...

IT looks like you have been pretty busy. I'm really excited about playing softball thanks again for helping me out.

Aaron and Ailinh Harris said...

oh my goodness! I had no idea you were pregnant! But I'm always outta the loop anyway. ;) That is so exciting.

Andrew and Shandee said...

Cute crafts. I love them. You will have to teach me.

Jared and Brielle Rucks said...

that embarrassing!! haha thanks for a fun night though! :)