Monday, August 31, 2009


These are some decorations that I made while being bored at home. Trae brought home a bunch of scrap wood for me to do some projects with. I wish I had wood working tools a place to work in but oh well, when I get a house I'll make it a priority. For now my apartment works. Trae says I should sell some but I don't think anyone would buy, so for now, I'll just make them for us. This is for Kyler's room





Brenton and Andrea said...

Candice!! Those are adorable!!!! I want some!!! I think you should sell them too! I would totally buy them and you could make tons of money just off of me! :)

Jared and Brielle Rucks said...

love the crafts candice, you did an awesome job on them. by the way, i hope you guys will be home this friday, we are driving down to utah and want to stop by for a little bit :)

jskelly said...

I think you could sell those!!! I love it! Oh and by the way. .I think we'll be okay with moving and stuff. Justin's entire family will be here :) Hope you guys are doing well!