Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aaron and Nicole's Wedding, Oregon and 8 months along

8 months along and excited to be close

Aaron and Nicole's wedding was beautiful and special. Thanks for inviting us. Their colors were brown, yellow and blue. They were married in the morning at eleven and had their reception that evening at 6.

The big alumni game with all the graduates. Blue-even year of graduation, White-odd year of graduation. White won 3-2. They scored last goal in last 10 seconds of the game. My honey did wonderful of course! I also watched the kids during it and they wanted to help get the balls that went out of bounds, so cute!


Harris Family said...

Dang, he is about to pop outta ya! =D You still look great. And that wedding cake looks nummy

Jared and Brielle Rucks said...

glad aaron and nicoles wedding was wonderful! you look awesome i can see that mommy glow you have going on :) we sure miss you guys... hopefully we can make it down there again soon to play games again!

Ryan, Danna, and Adalee!! said...

Hey I think their cake is the one my husband and I designed! lol. If Desi Richards made it then it for sure is. We drew a picture of exactly how we wanted it and then she made it and it even got into a magazine. That is funny to see it at someone elses wedding.