Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So much has happened

Grandma and Grandpa Forbush's 50th anniversery and Forbush Family Reunion Pictures. Can you tell that we are getting pretty excited to have our own little kid running around? Everyone had to make a scrapbook page for grandma and grandpa's present and this was the one I made.

We went to Burhley and stayed with Robby and Zenna and her parents house. We had so much fun! We went to the farm/dairy. Milked cows, fed newborn calfs and best of all stayed out all day on their boat. Trae did wake boarding and I had a short "pregnant" ride on the tube and ya, it was fun!

We helped friends move as well as moved ourselves.
Also, we went to Yellowstone with Wendy, Jared, Brielle, Shandee and Andrew.

Ok so we went to Logan to visit a friend from Nicaragua from Trae's mission. Everyone, this is Perla.

Sorry it took so long to update but here you go!


Harris Family said...

ooo so fun! Your scrapbook page looked uh-may-zing!

Allen Family said...

You have been busy, hope you are doing great.

Perla said...

I think Perla is beautiful, even if in that picture she looks like shes missing an eye...hahaha. It was so nice to see you guys!Thanks for visiting.