Monday, November 30, 2009

Kyler's Blessing

Meah with Kyler

Perry Family

Forbush Family

Kyler blowing bubbles

Kyler's hair is getting so long I need to give him a haircut soon, and its curly!


Samantha said...

He is so adorable! If you were still in our ward I would be asking to hold him ALL the time.

Jared and Brielle Rucks said...

what a cutie. he's gotten so big already! we wanted to stop and see you guys on our way home from utah on saturday, maybe next time!

JustLivingMYLife said...

wow! he is seriously sooo freakin adorable!!!!

Andrew and Shandee said...

He is so cute. He is starting to get a fun little personality. He is also really looking a lot like Trey.