Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Family updates

Sorry it took SO long to upload new pics but I've been really busy. I started back to school this on Jan. 11. Let me tell you, it is a different experience going with a child at home. It's nice because Trae doesn't have school the days I do so we switch off with Kyler so he doesn't have to go to a babysitters. Trae is working for the school sports, and looking for a summer job so if you hear of anything, let us know please! Kyler is changing SO much! He will probably be driving soon. Ha ha jk but he is changing a lot. He started grabbing for things instead of just hitting them with clenched fist. He is holding up his head really well. He can roll back to belly and belly to back left and right. He sleeps 6 hours at night, then I feed him, then sleeps 3 more hours and we are still trying to get his naps regulated. He does really well when we travel, usully sleeps the whole time the car is running. Ky is easy going and calm just like his dad, but is not patient and does not handle stress well like his mom. Last time he was weighed he was 13 lbs and is in the 75% with height and weight. He is in size 2 diapers and some 3-6 month clothes.His 4 month checkup is Feb 9 (not looking forward to the shots). Kyler loves being outside and looking at everything (including watching other kids play). He's just as happy as ever. Smiling and babbling a ton and giggling some. He's blessed our lives so much! We love being parents! This truly is our mission on earth to raise an eternal family.


Ailinh Harris said...

He is too cute. When are you guys coming to visit Rexburg? We miss you. And as far as a summer job goes... all I know is the Census Bureau is looking for people part-time and full-time. Good luck to Trae!

Allen Family said...

He is getting so big. I look at my own and remember when they were that small it's a bitter-sweet experience because I liked when they were babies but they are so much fun now. That is awesome that you are going to school, good for you!