Friday, January 22, 2010

Since Christmas

4 generation pic with Great Grandpa Perry, Grandpa Perry, Dad and Kyler.

Kyler holding his head up

Dad holding Ky and it looks like the flash surprised him.

Kyler started sucking on his arm like theres no tomorrow and we can't make him stop.

This is after we tried. lol he's not a happy camper.

I just love this picture. He looks so cute in a hat!
This pic reminds me of my grandma JoAnn. I miss her so much but she use to pull the same face Kyler is pulling with his aunt Shandee.

His little snow suit is a little big.

Ky smiling at mommy!

Ky trying to sit up and see everything.

Just him being adorable, and his motor skills are developing.

Our family Christmas picture
Trae went bird hunting with brothers and dad and nephew.

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Allen Family said...

Wow, Kyler is getting so big. He is such a cute little guy. Hope you are doing good.