Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My hard-working husband

Trae has been selling pest control now for almost a month. I don't know how many sells he has, but I do know he is outselling his group leader. Today he called to tell me a similar story to one he told me a couple weeks ago. Ok, so while out knocking doors, the boys leave a door hanger advertisement on the front door if no-one answers. Trae called me and said, "guess what! I got a call from one of my fliers today." and I say "really? I hope it was a good one this time." He said, "nope, the guy chewed my butt just like the other guy, only this guys voice was disguised with one of those low voice talker machine things (that psychos use when they prank call)." Basically, when these guys called Trae, they screamed at him for leaving SHIZ on their doors. His reply to this is, "oh I apologize for that. My reason for leaving it on the door is because I did not want to leave you out of your neighborhood group discount just because you were not home earlier." Then, while saying a few more colorful words, the guys say well what is your company and what are they doing here. Then Trae goes on to explain everything about his company and their professional ethics while being extremely polite. The cranky guys with no life then try to find another reason to get mad at him while searching their brains for something to complain about, they fill their side of the conversation with more vulgar language. After they think of more bizarre questions to ask him, they both eventually hung up on him. Jerks! These kind of people make me so mad! They really must be miserable to call a number on an advertisement and complain. Get a life people! These are just two examples of how crappy this job has been so far.
I just have to say that I am so proud of my hubby. He has been working so hard to provide for our family. This is not the IDEAL job and yet he comes home every night with a smile and kiss and hug for Kyler and me, and he has managed to stay positive and motivated through it all. May has been windy and cold and not good weather for selling, but somehow Trae is still making it work. He is my HARD WORKING MAN! We have been hoping and praying the weather gets better ASAP so Trae has better working conditions and can sell more accounts.


tuesdays at nordic landing said...

Sheesh! Customers, I tell ya. And I dunno how Trae does it being so polite and keeping calm. I think I'd start yapping back on those meanies. Anywho, sorry for the crappy weather, but I too hope sales get better this upcoming season!

Chris and Sherri said...

That sounds hard...but what a good attitude you both have! So sweet that he does that for his family...and that you appreciate it Candice. Keep that attitude :)