Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boys will be boys

So this is Kyler's "checking something out" body language. lol he does this and most of the time squats when he is watching something or it catches his attention. He was very scared of the sprinklers because some would come on for 5 min or so, then another group would pop up and come on. It was unexpected so it spooked him every time.

This is his concerned face. I kept saying "oh no!" and he would repeat it, sometimes in a whisper.

 Those are bubbles in his hand by the way

these pics are of him being a typical boy. Of course I did not want him to splash in the puddles but oh well. I just let him be him, and got my camera.

He LOVED splashing. It was pretty cute to watch

Yes, not only did he splash with his feet, he splashed with his hands

 After stomping around for fifteen min or so, his shoe came untied. I even double knot them, but he was stomping pretty hard. This is how he walks when his shoe is untied. HE HATES HIS SHOE UNTIED. lol


Allen Family said...

So cute! He looks like he has a lot of personality and spunk. I hope all is going well for you guys.

The Knapp Fam said...

That is so cute Candice! He is the cutest ever!