Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dinner Ideas

Dinners I’ve made in Reno

• Spaghetti

• Potato soup

• Bowtie pasta with spaghetti sauce

• Sweet potato, yam, avocado, chicken

• Stir fry

• Chicken enchiladas

• Rice casserole

• Steak fajitas

• Bbq chicken/alfredo chicken pizza

• Carino’s bowtie pasta

• Alfredo with noodles

• Taco soup/ Tacos

• Lasagna

• Dutch oven-chicken, onions, potatoes, carrots

• Broccoli cheese soup

• Rosemary roasted chicken with red potatoes

• Baked cheesy potatoes and carrots and breaded chicken

Any other ideas? I wanna make something new every day and I'm running out of ideas. I want healthy meals. Some of these are not the healthiest, but now I've changed my ways. :)


John and Katie Adams said...

try they have some awesome ones. I use it for everything!

Messy Musings. said...

my former next door neighbor has a recipe blog... some good ideas are found their!! heck, I think I even contributed a couple of them ;)

AubsandKenny said...

I love this recipe

Durgin Family said...

This may be the longest comment ever, but I'm so proud of my meal, I must!
Pork roast in the slow cooker with whatever I could find (orange juice, BBQ sauce, brown sugar, onion soup mix, salsa)fresh Yellow beans with olive oil, toasted garlic and balsamic vinegar, yams( which I hate and have never prepared before because I thought the only was to do them was super sweet with marshmallows-not my fav..) but I cut them in cubes rolled them in olive oil garlic, paprika, chili powder, steak seasoning,keyenne, sea salt, and onion powder and cinnamon. cantelope, bluberries and strawberries mixed with a tad of honey. So that's the meal and for desert, I made a ruhbarb cake and served that with Tillamook's limited flavor which I love....Banana Cinnamon Bliss. I have all the recipes if you want to recreate it, well except the roast. The flavors blended so well together. I should have just created my own blow on tonights dinner for the missionaries!