Friday, July 8, 2011

The Oregon Coast

Look this tree looks like an elephant
Near the coast the trees are HUGE! Love it!

This pic is one of my favs. This star fish is eating a mussel. If you could see in further from a diff angle you would see the mussel is cracked open and the starfish is sucking it out. AWESOME!

the hermet crab on the right doesn't have a shell

The starfish on the left was orange, and once we put it in the water, it turned purple. WEIRD

Kyler loved to spash in the streams but was SCARED TO DEATH of the ocean. Also this jacket he is wearing here, when we got home I found 4 rocks in his pockets. Smooth ocean stones. Silly boy

His cousins adore him! Maeley and Jenna held his hands the whole way back. So cute!

We did lots of things. We played in the sand and built sandcastles, played in the water, flew kites, explored, built a fire pit, found and held marine life, etc. It was awesome!

I love his cute little sandy toes

Daddy and Ky with the kite

Ky helping with the sandcastle

Ky's most favorite person in the whole world! Pappa

The water was about the wash our sandcastle away so we were trying to hurry and Kyler was scared

Pappa, Nanna, Brooke and Ky

All the helpers

Our mote around the castle worked for the first few waves

Rockaway Beach is the place we rented out the beach-home. It was a private beach for residents. It was the PERFECT PLACE for a family vacation. I really hope we can go back and visit soon. I miss it already.
The tide pools had lots of "Jewels and Treasures" as Meah called it :)

Meah and Logan want a baby I just know it!

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Perry for the awesome family reunion. Miss you guys already! Happy 4th of July!!

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Jason and Bri Walker said...

How fun! I LOVE the picture of Kyler on the beach with the kite! He is getting so big!