Saturday, September 3, 2011

I feel like Eeyor

So... I don't mean to sound like an Eeyor, but I am about ready to never leave the house again because I know something will go wrong! I know, I know I'm totally being pessimistic but I am totally believing in Murphy's Law right now (Everything that can go wrong will).
Ok, at first, when we got back from Reno, my bike was jacked. The chain was cut and my bike was gone (at least they left Trae's bike with the old sun-bleached bike trailer hooked up to it).
Then, my laptop screen started blinking black and blacks out completely after being on it for a short time (we've only had it a little over a year), then my camera broke (we bought it with our wedding money 3 years ago), the lens was stuck out, so i read online how to fix it and broke it worse! Now we have no choice but to send it in which who knows how much that stupid thing will cost to fix.... Our new printer doesn't work wirelessly which is why we bought it! Trae's phone was dropped and shattered the screen. Those are just the big things, two smaller things that happened just today are: my earring fell down the drain and I tried to get it out with my nail kit and broke the tip off of that, and my car bumper broke and part of it flew off down the freeway. I swear I can't catch a break. I do know when it rains, it pores.
How I've been able to hold on though is because all the things that are going wrong just make me grateful for my son and hubby even more. i am so glad we are all safe, and the things that are breaking are replaceable for the most part.
I really think the adversary is working extra hard on me and my family because the last 2-3 weeks I am reading more consistently and deeper studying of the scriptures than I ever have. I am actually enjoying the stories and learning lots and coming to the Lord with many new questions.
Even though I wish we could catch a break and win a ton of money so our poor problems would not be such a worry. lol or as Trae says, win the lottery. lol but I guess we'd have to play if we wanna a chance to win. Anyways, I know in time, this too will pass but I'm ready to stop being afraid of what's going to go wrong today. I need to be more optimistic I know.


The Knudsons said...

I'm sorry! Did you take out the U bend below the sink? If you didn't I can come over and show you how to do that!

Jared and Brielle Rucks said...

so sorry candice! i hate that when it has to rain, it has to pour. i hope things start looking up. it was so fun to catch up with you guys... lets get together again soon!