Sunday, September 18, 2011

My cute boy

i love this pic because he usually does this when he falls asleep in the car. he's just relaxin when all of a sudden sleep overtakes him. lol cutie pie!


julie! said...

Hey Candice! So good to hear from you! Such a cute family blog :) I am happy to hear you are settled back in Idaho (though sorry you are having a rough know what they say, it can only get better, right?)
Have you started school yet?
Reno is starting to get the fall weather (my favorite) and we just had our last family camp-out for the year.
Keep in touch! It's great to see what your little family is up to :)
Hopefully we'll see you back in Reno next summer!

Andrew and Shandee said...

I love that he does that with his arms. So cute!