Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our son Kyler and all his recent adventures

Kyler loves to go "shishing". We tried out the new pond at Ryder Park.

We went to Lagoon on Trae's birthday and Kyler HATED the rides. The only two he liked were ones he could ride with someone for example: carousel, and the train ride that shows the zoo.

Levi and Ky waiting for the train ride at Lagoon

He also loves to throw rocks while mom and dad try to fish

curly hair boys

Trae and Kyler are feeding the fish at American Falls fish hatchery

Kyler and his neighborhood buddies. LOVE THIS PIC!!!

I went to footloose, and this is what Trae and Ky did while I was gone. They had a little party of their own. Set up a movie theatre of their own.

Perla this pic is for you. Kyler finally fits into his Nica shirt. Thanks again

Daddy and Kyler carving the pumpkin

I laid Kyler down for his nap and I kept hearing him get up and play with his toys. Every fifteen minutes I would go in, make him put the toys away and climb back into bed. The last time I checked on him (I had not heard him playing for a few min) and this is what I found.

Kyler loves this place more than his own home. he loves his friend Tinton (Quinton) and Dohen (Cohen)

I just love this face

Ninja and Fireman. I know Ky kinda looks like a girl with his long curly hair. We should prob cut it, but we love it SO much!

Kyler and his friend Quinton

Kyler is excited to go trick or treating at ISU

Ok this was really funny (you had to be there) but Kyler saw this kid in a spiderman costume with a mask and could not get enough looks. He seriously followed him around and even turned him around to get a better look at his face/mask. It was funny and kinda weird.

Kyler and the pun-kin daddy carved. (It's a kitty if you couldn't tell)


Meah Christensen said...

Seriously this boy is beautiful!!!!! LOVE HIM

Jason and Bri Walker said...

Looks like fun! I can't believe how big he is getting!