Friday, November 25, 2011

It's all done

All of my Christmas Shopping is done! I specifically wanted to get it done before "Black Friday" because I HATE the crowds, I HATE the traffic, I HATE the rude, rushed people, I HATE the stress of the good deals or not so good of deals, and most of all I HATE that Christmas doesn't feel as magical and special as it did when I was young. Even though I probably spent a little more money, it was worth it to me to enjoy it. 

2 years ago I went early morning shopping.When I was at Kohls, I noticed this older gentleman. He was working at one of the checkout stands. He was so merry. He was taking his time (probably because of his age) and talking to all the people in line saying "Merry Christmas"! All  anyone could do is grumble and complain because of how slow it was going. I mean it really hit me, we as a society have lost the true meaning of Christmas. This older man was so kind and gentle, and was trying to spread cheer. I wish I knew where he lived so I could drop off a thank you note for bringing me back to the true meaning. He has changed my view of Christmas forever. I hope I never forget him. 

Although I am not that extreme, because I still buy Christmas presents and decorate my house with snowmen and Santa Clause I am humbled every year to think of what Jesus Christ went through. He gave us the ultimate gift. I kinda think of it as a gift certificate. He went to the trouble of getting it and paying for it, but it is our choice if we want to use it or let it go to waste. Either way, he still sacrificed for us just the same. I am so grateful to him that if I live my life in the way I know I should, I can be with my family FOREVER. Now I can kick back and enjoy the true Holiday. Merry Christmas everyone, and  thank you dear Savior for your CHRISTMAS GIFT!

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